Sponsor a Littlehill Dog


Sponsor Patrick

Patrick was found in Waste Ground in Kildare. He was starving and very, very nervous. He had been beaten and very badly treated. When he came to Littlehill Sanctuary, he was painfully thin and had behavioural issues and health issues, he didnt walk as a normal dog but crawled around, urinating on himself, in fear and submission. After a huge amount of Vet care, special food and kindness he is now a very happy, healthy dog. He is a permanent resident here at Littlehill Sanctuary, because of his behavioural issues, as a result of the cruelty and starvation he had to endure ..


Sponsor Wendy

Wendy is a little Yorkie who was found in appalling circumstances. She had been left outside last winter, and her coat was long, matted and full of debris. She had been kicked and beaten and was extremely fearful of everyone and every thing.  Since coming to Littlehill, Wendy has flourished and has become a favourite with everyone that meets her.  She is not suitable for re-homing as she is unreliable with children, and will remain at the Sanctuary for the rest of her life.





Sponsor Samantha

Samantha’s arrival at Littlehill was dramatic, to say the least. She had been left tied to the gate of the Sanctuary, her right front leg was badly broken, and the bone was protruding. She had no hair, was almost a skeleton and was covered in cuts and bruises.  The Vet didn’t think she would survive, but with round-the-clock nursing and expert veterinary care, she began to recover slowly.  Her leg healed, her hair began to grow and she started to fill out.  However, although her physical condition improved relatively quickly, it was many, many months before  she began to trust people.  A year after her arrival, Samantha was a different dog. She enjoyed running through the fields with the other dogs, and loved to be petted.  Today, Samantha is a loving, gentle girl, who loves to sleep on the sofa, or in front of the fire. She frequently travels to Dublin with the Littlehill fundraising team, and has become quite famous on Grafton St!