About LHAR

The idea for LittleHill animal rescue & sanctuary was conceived several years ago. We had come across many under-fed and neglected horses. Feeling that we could not stand idly by and do nothing, we took in those horses for which we could help and provide for. Over time we found many more horses that were no longer wanted and were badly treated. Though we had limited resources, we decided to raise¬†funds and formed LittleHill Animal Rescue, hoping that through donations we could improve the lives of as many horses as possible, our work continues, gets harder every day but the joy we get from seeing a helpless animal rescued from a desperate situation makes it so worthwhile to our lives not just to theirs…

Littlehill’s animal population has increased greatly in the past few months. We now have 40 horses, 22 cats, 100+ ex-battery hens, 16 dogs and 6 ducks.

We operate a “no-kill” policy, so that no animal in our care will ever be put to sleep, unless it is suffering and our vets advise us that this would be the kindest option. ¬†Several of our residents have been reprieved from a death sentence and are happily living out their days here at the Sanctuary.