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Seanie and Mr. Valentine – our lovely sheep!  Seanie has been with us since he was found as a tiny lamb, having fallen out of a trailer on the road. He thought he was a dog until Mr. Valentine arrived a few weeks ago. Mr. Valentine is a young sheep, who has suffered horrific injuries. His leg has been broken, and left to mend without treatment, his wool is falling out, and he was skin and bone. He is now fattening up, and will be moving out to the fields with Seanie soon. He will never be completely sound, due to his injuries, but he will live out his days with Seanie here at Littlehill, enjoying the best of care.

Peppa Pig


Peppa Pig came to us a couple of weeks before Christmas a few years ago. She has been producing litters of piglets for some time, and was worn out, so her owners decided to put her up for sale. We felt Peppa deserved a happy retirement from being a breeding machine.  She had been living in a small, concrete pen, and was shivering with cold. Peppa now lives in a custom built pen, with an outdoor run as well as a lovely, deep bed of straw in her indoor quarters. She loves her food, and will run over grunting happily when anyone approaches her pen. Happy retirement, Peppa!  Peppa has since been joined by Trevor, a pot-bellied pig, and they are great friends!


Littlehill on tour!

We depend on the generosity of the public for all of our income. We receive no government funding, and without the help and generosity of our supporters and fosterers, we would not be able to continue our work in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming neglected and unwanted animals.

We were granted permits for a few days to fundraise in Dublin, and thanks to the overwhelming generosity of you, the animal lovers who support us, we will be able to clear some of our huge feed, hay and vet bills. We need to build runs for the dogs, so that they can play and run around outdoors in safety when we are busy tending to the other animals in the Sanctuary. Thank you for your genrosity!


Free range turkeys are the best. These two will escape being someone’s Christmas dinner and will live to enjoy their own Christmas dinner here at Littlehill! The ex-battery hens aren’t quite sure about their new room mates, but seem to have decided they’re harmless. Turkeys are very affectionate and make great pets. Consider buying your Christmas turkey alive this year and enjoy its companionship in your garden for years to come!

MARCH 2015 UPDATE Our turkey has been joined by two geese! They were both on their way to someone’s table for Christmas dinner, but now they live happily with our hens, ducks and turkey!

Turkey talk!







Amy and Anna (now known as Lola), the two lurcher sisters rescued from a closed pound, have found fantastic forever homes.  Five of Cosmo’s kittens have also found a sofa to call their own!

Cookie and Amy











Last week, we managed to trap three wild cats, whose owner had died recently.  They had not been fed for some time, and were ravenous and very scared. There was an adult  ginger male, now called Will, and an adult tabby female, as well as a ginger tabby female kitten, about 3 or 4 months old.  They have all now been neutered/spayed, and are recovering in peace at the Sanctuary. They are beginning to gain weight, and the two females are starting to get used to people again.

The little wild kitten, tucking into her breakfast.

Wild kitten







Raising much needed funds

We have been out and about in Dublin and elsewhere trying to raise awareness about animal welfare and trying to raise much needed funds for the Sanctuary.

We have almost 400 animals in residence at the Sanctuary and the bills are often overwhelming. Vets bills, feed and hay bills, electricity for heat lamps, bedding, dog, cat and hen food – the list is endless.  We depend entirely on the generosity of the public to fund the everyday running of the Sanctuary and the rescue programmes.  If you see us and our lovely dogs in Dublin, please drop by and say hello and perhaps drop a few bob into our collection buckets!